Estas são as Forças Armadas da Guiné-Bissau…

A Reuters escreveu isto  em Junho de 2008, entretanto foram assassinados Nino Vieira e Tagmé Na Waie e quase nada mudou..

Imagine an army with more officers than soldiers, a penchant for coups and for meddling in politics, but no tanks or planes to defend the nation. These are Guinea-Bissau’s armed forces, the remnants of a once proud guerrilla army which won the small West African state independence from Portugal in 1974 after a bush war.


Foreign donors are worried that senior members of the armed forces are now collaborating with Colombian cocaine cartels which use the small coastal nation — one of the poorest countries in the world — as a transit hub for drug shipments. …..

…….A U.N.-funded census of the forces threw up some astonishing figures:

  • Of nearly 4,500 members registered, more than 3,000 were officers, 1,800 of them holding the rank of major or above.
  • Of the 4,500, only six were younger than 20, and there must be hundreds older than 60 … it’s an old army and it has no plain soldiers,”  its ranks were bloated by veterans from the 1963-1974 independence war.
  • The army fought dissident Senegalese Casamance separatists on its northern border, but  there were “more people sitting at home than under arms”.
  • “It’s an army where the soldiers aren’t in the barracks, where the real reason for wearing a uniform is … to have a meal and a pension,” .


“An army which sits in the barracks thinking about things that it shouldn’t, will end up doing them.”

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