De pesadelo em pesadelo

After they captured me, they told me they wanted me to be a soldier. When I protested and told them that I was too young, they stabbed me under my  eyes with a bayonet. Then they took me to their camp. While I was there, they gave military training to all the children. We were in teams, and each team had to come in at certain times for training, and to kill people. They treatedtheir victims like animals and told us, “When you kill someone, it’s like killing an animal.”

They often asked the children to kill people in the bush. I saw this myself,and they even asked me to kill someone. They first tied the person up, and then they asked me to kill him with a large wooden stick. It was a Congolese Zande boy. I saw 10 people killed like this–girls and boys. Each time theywere killed by other children who had been abducted. They chose the victims randomly and then would give us the order: “Take your bat. Kill this animal.”

Relato de um menino de onze anos que conseguiu escapar ao  LRA , publicado pela Human Rigths Watch

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